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So excited, Victor Wainwright returns to Music On The Couch to discuss his new album, “Family Roots”, a double album that pays tribute to those in his life who have allowed him to grow to where he is now.

One album with his dad and grandfather leading the way and the other with his touring band doing fan favorites!…

We will also talk about the lifestyle changes Victor has made recently with an eye on entertaining us all for decades to come.

The Dan Bubien joins me.  Dan has a new album out entitled “Empty Roads”, which is a submission for  the 2014 Best Self-Produced CD by the Blues Foundation.

The album is a collection of 11 originals by this singer, songwriter, guitarist from Western Pennsylvania.

Dan and I will trace his road to today and we will check out music from the album.

Deb Ryder has been soaked in the blues her entire life.  Growing up in Chicago, her dad was a singer on the scene.  When the family moved to LA, her neighbor was Bob Hite from Canned Heat and her step-dad owned the Topanga Corral which featured the likes of Canned Heat, Big Joe Turner, Etta james and more.

What an increidble ride and Deb and I will talk and I will get some stories out of her as we listen to the new album, “Might Just Get Lucky”.

Finally, another ‘Couch Kid’ returns… Sandy Carroll has a new album and it is entitled “Unnaturally Blonde”.

Of course, it is brilliant! With 8 originals and a cast of musicians that would make any snger drool, the album was, of course, produced, engineers and mixed by Jim Gaines.

Sandy and I will chat about her year and the new album.