By Scott Tady, Beaver County Times

Sunday, August 11

When we first meet the star of the “To Youngstown” music video, he’s cruising down the highway in a ‘73 Chevelle, wiping lipstick off his cheek.

Moments later, he slips his wedding ring into his pocket and flirts with an auburn-haired barmaid hottie in what looks like Wooley Bully’s in New Brighton.

Wait, that IS Wooley Bully’s that’s featured in the “To Youngstown” video from Baden singer-guitarist Dan Bubien.

Fittingly enough, Bubien will debut his slick professional video at Wooley Bully’s this Saturday at 10 p.m.

“There will be a full band show following the video,” said Bubien, an Aliquippa native and finalist in this year’s Blues Society of Western Pennsylvania Blues Challenge.

Bubien will release his new album Sept. 13 with a show at Pittsburgh’s Club Cafe.

To hype the album and its single, “To Youngstown,” Bubien filmed one of the best-looking locally made music videos you’ll ever seen — and not just because of that alluring bartender played by Pittsburgh model Siouxsie Radcliffe.

Through camera angles, lighting and even a “Sopranos”-style flash of Youngstown scenery — appropriate, some would say — director Joshua Franzos effectively creates a mood matching the lustful temptations and dilemma about doing the right thing that’s inherent to the lyrics from Bubien and the album’s co-writer, Roman Marocco (the male lead of the video.)

The video includes performance clips of Bubien, a top-flight slide-guitarist, who many might remember from his years in local reggae band The Sun Kings.

Bubien also recently joined The Sparrows (more on them below).

Bubien’s solo album, “Empty Roads,” was produced by Jay Dudt, who won a 2011 Grammy Award for engineering the Best Latin Jazz Album by Panamericana Suite.

On his website, Bubien said his album has two distinct sides.

“There is the gritty blues sound that I like to call Louisiana Swamp, and then it goes to the opposite end of the spectrum with smooth-soul sounds rounded out by harmonies from Jimmie Ross (The Jaggerz), Morgan Maybray and Andre Marocco.”

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